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Our Vision

IIDS is home to five research staff who serve as the nucleus for our initiative in Computational One Health. One Health is a widely adopted framework that considers human, wildlife, and livestock health as an integrated system. The University of Idaho seeks to add capacity in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Bioinformatics to our existing interdisciplinary team of One Health researchers.

Our Team

The team of research staff is headed by the Lead Computational Data Scientist. The Data Scientist develops software pipelines that automate the collection, processing, and visualization of data pertaining to animal-borne infectious diseases. The Bioinformatics Data Scientist processes and analyzes biological data generated from next-generation sequencing and other high throughput genomics techniques. the Computational Scientist develops large-scale simulations and software to analyze and forecast the risk of animal-borne infectious diseases and the effectiveness of potential interventions. The AI Computational Data Scientist develops research software that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to forecast the risk of animal borne infectious disease and the effectiveness of potential interventions.

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Research Staff

evan headshot

Evan Eskew

Data Scientist

sarah headshot

Sarah Hendricks

Bioinformatics Data Scientist

dan headshot

Daniel Pope

Computational Scientist

boyu headshot

Boyu Zhang

Computational Data Scientist: AI